My journey here begins with my withdrawal from the sport of endurance riding.  That story is long, and this one is where I will point the horse known as Journey (a.k.a. The Spotted Wonder).  We hail from the Midwest and have merely dabbled in the goal of taking on the trail, map and compass in hand, looking for landmarks, riding the compass points, and finding the elusive plate codes.   It has been said within my hearing that CMO has been kicking endurance’s ass since 1980 something or other.  In fairness I’d have to say this is an entirely (at least mostly) different kind of sport. They don’t call it the thinking man’s sport for nothing.

Competitive mounted orienteering involves not only riding some distance 5-25 miles or there about, but also challenges your sense of direction.  No pretty bright ribbons hanging from trees to point the way.  You are completely at the mercy of your map and your compass.  Enter here “scares the old lady half to death” as that is my weakness.  Finding my way previously in endurance was a totally different experience.   This sport offers no crutch to hold you up, half the battle is focus and thought processing your environment.  Recognizing the correct landmark, and following that imaginary line directed by your compass and locate the stations.

It sounds hard, and in some respects it is, but once you “get it” the fun then begins.  You are able to take the trail a little faster, collect the codes more quickly, and get back to base camp with better times.

This sport is sanctioned by NACMO

And it is incredibly fun, challenging, and family friendly.  Come join the fun as we build the sport here in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.